Training Update - October 2023

October 1, 2023
Training Update - October 2023

Hi all,

Apologies for a new timetable again, but as a few of you have heard we can no longer use Newquay View pool from the end of September. This has caused some extended conversations with the Committee and Waterworld/GLL. This is work in progress and we will continue to look for ways to gain more pool time and space for our swimmers. At the moment this is the maximum available to us. If you feel things are a little cramped at times, please use the times available wisely. As always, if you are able to help with fund raising, this goes a long way to help with rising costs of pool hire.

New timetable starts from Sunday 1st October. Please note Thursday session start time for Club and Performance, finish time on Friday evening for Performance and Sunday start time for Club 1. ALL SWIMMING AT WATERWORLD from 1/10/23.


Monday 06.30-07.30

Monday 17.30-19.00

Wednesday 06.30-07.30 (half pool)

Thursday 19.15-21.00 **

Friday 06.30-07.30

Friday 18.30-21.00 **

Sunday 09.00-11.00



Monday 06.30-07.30

Friday 06.30-07.30



Monday 17.30-18.15 Club 1

Monday 18.15-19.00 Club 2

Thursday 18.15-19.15 All Club

Friday 18.30-19.30 Club 1

Friday 19.30-20.30 Club 2

Sunday 09.00-10.00 Club 1 **

Sunday 10.00-11.00 Club 2


Newquay Cormorants ASC Committee

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